Set up a T-Shirt Spec Sheet

When you send out your t-shirt art to a screen printer, you will need to include the full size art (all color versions) and a spec sheet. The Spec Sheet, also known as a CAD, Matrix, or Make Sheet shows the printer the placement of the art on the shirt. It specifies:

  • Ink color combinations for each colorway. Your ink colors need to be in the same order in the spec sheet. Normally, t-shirt ink colors are specified using the Pantone Solid Coated Guide.
  • T-shirt fabric colors to use for this design. Make sure to match up your t-shirt color to the corresponding ink color combination.
  • Print techniques & embellishments: “Soft Hand”, no underbase, high density ink, glitter ink, reverse print, etc.
  • Proper neck labels, hang-tags, packaging, hang tags, etc. to use with this tee.
  • Name, Style Number, Season, and any other info that you may need to reference the design.