Halftone Spot Brushes

Today I am announcing two new items.

The first is a brand new collection of 15 halftone texture brushes for Adobe Photoshop. It's called Gritty Halftone Spot Brushes.

They fade out with no hard edges, making them perfect for adding subtle gritty texture to your type, logos, and illustrations.

Go here to see Gritty Halftone Spot Brushes.

Even better, at the bottom of this post I will tell you how you can get Gritty Halftone Spot Brushes as a Free Bonus.

The second new item that I have for you today is a bundle of some of the best textures available on TheVectorLab.

This Time Machine & Bitmap Textures Bundle includes a wide variety of 88 textures for Photoshop and Illustrator in the following styles:

    Analog Halftones (imperfect halftones from vintage magazines)
    Bad Photocopy
    Vintage Book Cover
    Fabric Textures
    Garage Textures
    Plastisol (cracked t-shirt ink)
    Time Machine (vintage texture)

Order Time Machine & Bitmap Textures Bundle today, and get the brand new Gritty Halftone Spot Brushes for Photoshop as a Free Bonus!