Halftoner Photoshop Effect

Hi! The Free Download of the Week is here today with a Photoshop Effect that applies a halftone pattern to your type, logos, and designs.

To use it, just open the file. Then open your layers palette. The instructions in the file will direct you to double-click onto the thumbnail image of the top layer.

A smart object file will open up. Just replace the type with your own font, or paste in a logo or some artwork that has a transparent background. (If you want to learn how to remove a white background from a flattened Photoshop file, go here.)

Next, save the smart object file and go back to the original Halftoner file. The halftone effect will be instantly applied to your design!

Halftoner is a free download for TheVectorLab Newsletter subscribers, and is also included in Graphic Design Launch Kit. Go here to sign up and get all the free downloads.