New: Vintage Workwear Logo Templates + Vintage Aloha Backgrounds

I've got two new items to show you today. The first is an update to the Vintage Workwear Logo Templates. It's a collection of 25 logo templates that allow you to quickly create and modify your own logo designs in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Each of these templates has two optional layers of distress texture that you can turn on or off.

The templates are all pre-formatted with Adobe Typekit fonts. Most users of the Adobe CC suite have access to these fonts as part of their Creative Cloud subscription.

But if you don't have Typekit, or are using an earlier version of Photoshop or Illustrator, a list of 20 free fonts from around the web (with links!) is included.

Here's a demonstration of how the templates work:

The second item I want to show you, Vintage Aloha Backgrounds, compliments the Logo Templates collection quite well.

To use the Vintage Aloha Backgrounds template, just choose from a selection of 20 tropical images included.

Drop in a vintage logo, or just type some wording with the Photoshop type tool. You can choose from any combination (or none) of the 6 textures that will help your design or type look weathered or vintage to match the background.

Have a look to see how the Vintage Aloha Backgrounds template works:

See the templates in detail:

Option 1: Vintage Workwear Logo Templates (no photo backgrounds)

Option 2: Vintage Aloha Backgrounds (no logo templates)