Textured Snowflake Photoshop Brushes


Do you need to make designs for this holiday season? How about greeting cards or invitations to holiday parties?

Today's free download may just help you in your process. It's a collection of 24 textured snowflake brushes for Photoshop!

(By the way, the texture for these brushes was generated using the Bad Photocopy Texture Template. If you haven't seen how this template works, be sure to check out the link at the bottom of this email.)

But first, go here to download the brushes:

After you download the snowflakes, have a closeup look at the brushes and also the layered PSD file. This will give you a good idea of the authentic textures you can get with the Bad Photocopy Texture Template!

This template is extremely useful (and fast!) for making vintage textures for all kinds of designs.

If you didn't see this week's new video showing how the template works (and how you can use it to make great colored and layered vintage designs), follow this link. (Look for the blue video)