Fader Graphic Style

Today's free download is an Illustrator Graphic Style. If you have never used graphic styles, let me tell you that they are a super easy and fast way to apply effects to your designs.

Included in this download is a regular Illustrator file that already has some live type set up with shading, patterns, and dimensional effects. Just use the type tool to replace the current letters with your own wording. You can also use any font that you have on your system. The effects will automatically be applied!

With the Graphic Style Library, you can apply these effects to ANY shape, live type, and even outlined type!

If you want to use the Graphic Style Library, just open the Library file included in the download. Then go Window>>Graphic Styles. Select your shape and click on one of the icons in the Graphic Styles Window to apply the effects.

5 different size options are included. Be aware that you can click (or unclick) "Transform Pattern Tiles" in your Illustrator preferences, if you would like the pattern line weights to scale up and down (or not) when you scale your object.

Fader Graphic Style is included in Graphic Design Launch Kit and is a Free Download for TheVectorLab Newsletter subscribers. Sign up for my free newsletter here:

~Ray Dombroski