Announcing the 30-Day Logo Design Challenge!

I'm really excited to announce Skillshare's 30-Day Logo Design Challenge, starting today! Join me and hundreds of other students to sharpen your logo design skills in just one month.

To complete the challenge, you'll take three awesome logo design classes on Skillshare - including classes by George Bokhua and Aaron Draplin (!) - and post a project of your own in each class. Everyone who successfully completes the challenge by June 30th will receive a Skillshare logo design certificate and a free month of Premium Membership. If you join, we'll help keep you on pace throughout the month with reminder emails, and I'll be hosting an AMA (Ask me Anything) to answer all your questions.

First, you will need a membership to Skillshare. If you are a member, then you can sign up here. I can't wait to see your logos!