Plastisol Lettering in Progress

I've been sketching up a new lettering design & cover image for a sequel to the popular Plastisol collection of cracked t-shirt ink textures for Photoshop and Illustrator.

The original design (below) is more of a hand-drawn style that doesn't abide by the normal rules of classic lettering design. Not much structure, but it does have flow

I want the new design for Plastisol 2 to retain the spirit of the original, but I want it to be more refined. Here's one of the sketches in the development.

I have a new found love for using tracing paper while creating iterations of lettering designs. The image above is on the path to being more refined, but it lacks a dynamic feeling.

I decided to exaggerate the baseline of the lettering to make it more lively. There are still some proportional problems that I need to address, but here's how it is looking at the moment: 



Plastisol 2 isn't available yet, but have a look at the original Plastisol Collection here.

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